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Surf log

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro....”
Hunter S. Thompson

December, 2006

  • Wink | For creating software product presentations in Flash.
  • Dark Roasted Blend | <*> Blog covering important stuff such as big machines and retro technology.
  • OpenWebDesign | <*> Free web design templates. reveal hidden content
  • Synergy | For sharing keyboard and mouse between two PC’s.
  • Mozart Musical Score Sheets | <*> All of Mozarts compositions are now freely available. (2400+ pages of sheet music in PDF).
  • Hamachi | Zero-configuration VPN between two computers on the internet.
  • | Search Engine with previews of search results. (This is also used for displaying the previews for links on this site.)
  • AstroGrep | <*> Nice Windows GUI for Grep. reveal hidden content

November, 2006

October, 2006

  • Various flash games: Line Rider, Double Wires, N-Game, Tank Ball (Shockwave), and Sift Heads
  • Video of MIT Interactive whiteboard demo.
  • Assorted examples of impressive Flash-design: Pencils, The Oculus, and Carlos-Polo.
  • Songbird 0.2 | <*> A new MP3 player built on top of the Mozilla framework (think Firefox/Thunderbird). reveal hidden content
  • Video: Transforming 2D pictures into 3D | The source is downloadable and after having tried, I ended up with much worse results than those displayed...
  • TiddlyWiki | <*> A client-side Wiki written in JavaScript hosted in one HTML-file. Well, it is easier just to try it, than to explain it. Really impressive.
  • Google Code Search | <*> Well, despite the competition (Kruggle and Koders), once again Google delivers a great product.

September, 2006

August, 2006

  • Google Code Hosting | Seems Google has taken up the competition with SourceForge. Nice and clean subversion repository hosting.
  • Krugle <*> | Open source search engine. Very nice interface (seems better than
  • Infinity <*> | One programmers attempt to create a massive online multiplayer game in a procedural generated universe. reveal hidden content
  • Free movies fallen out of copyright <*> | A lot of good stuff here. reveal hidden content

July, 2006

  • Logarithmic Image Deformations | A description (and some examples) of how to generate the optical effects, Escher uses in some of his pictures.
  • ShscWiki | Misc. technical articles. Includes a very good “PC Parts Picking Guide”.

June, 2006

  • Bumptop3D Video Demo | Physics based 3D desktop.
  • Zwok | Nice online game - similar to the old Scorched Earth.
  • Gliffy | <*> Visio-like web2.0 service.
  • ComicBookDB | IMBD meets Comics.
  • MyDrawings | Collaborative Pixel Drawing (a la Google Maps).
  • Reactos | Reimplementing WinXP as open source from scratch. Well, it is certainly ambitious.
  • Picasa Web Albums | <*> Googles newest initiative: seamless upload and sharing of your Picasa photos to a Google server. To really appreciate it, you have to try for yourself how simple it is.
  • Pixel Image Editor | One mans quest for creating a paint program reveal hidden content
  • Google Spreadsheets | Ajax spreadsheet.
  • Google Browser Sync <*> | Firefox plugin for synchronizing bookmarks, cookies, passwords, tabs and history.

May, 2006

  • C64 Emulator | And it is made in Flash!
  • Soviet Propaganda posters | From 1917 to 1991
  • Old Atari Ad | Those were the days.
  • Flash Timeline | Timeline of Trends and Events (1750-2100)
  • Google Notebook <*> | reveal hidden content
  • Google Bookmarks Store your computer on a Google server. Combined with this Firefox extension you can keep track of your bookmarks across different computers. Update: Try Google Notebook or Google Browser Sync (see above) instead.
  • Google Desktop 4 <*> | Indexing of your desktop computer. reveal hidden content
  • Google Trends | Allows you to browse search volumes.
  • Silk Icons | Free icons (700+)
  • Full Screen QTVR | Panoramic photos.

April, 2006

Marts, 2006

February, 2006

  • Listable - Community lists
  • Firebug - FireFox extension for debugging scripts.
  • Newton Dynamics - Interesting Physics SDK.
  • 30 Boxes. <*> reveal hidden content
  • - <*> It is certainly impressive. A online radio station, which based on a user provided seed (artist or number) creates a channel with similar music. Try it.
  • Google IG. reveal hidden content
  • and reveal hidden content
  • NetVibes - offers a nice clean implementation, similar to MS and Googles.
  • Protopage - has a very fancy GUI - but seems to lack a lot of functionality in the current version. It seems, however, promising.

January, 2006

  • Reverse Engineering - Open Source Book
  • Digg - Community based news
  • Raytraycing tutorial on <*>
  • ArtRage. <*> Excellent freeware painting program. Simulates real brush strokes better than anything I’ve seen.
  • Google Pack - A installer / update system for the core Google desktop applications (and some other, incl. a Norton AntiVirus 6 month trial, Adobe Reader and Adware Personal.).
  • Cidero - UPnP Control Point.
  • Drupal - Very nice CMS incl. Wiki & Blogs.
  • Scrapbook - FireFox extension which allows to save, annotate and edit web pages. Comprehensive.
  • Colorization Using Optimization - Nice algorithm to colorize pictures


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